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Vivi loves outdoor fitness. As long as the weather is good, she will be outside practicing sports in parks or on the street. In order to keep her amazing figure, one of her secrets is a protein-rich diet . Check out our interview with Vivi and find out more about her:

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1. What is your name, how old are you and what do you do for a living?

My name is Vivi. I am 18 years old and I'm currently studying journalism and media communication.


2. What kind of sport do you practice? Is it your favourite? If not, which is it?

At the moment I'm doing a type of calisthenics, that is exercises with my own body weight mixed with weight training. My favorites include squats and definitely the glute bridge, because it's a whole body exercise if you do it correctly.


3. Why did you decide to start practicing this sport and which is your motivation?

I started doing this sport because I used to be an athlete, training 3 hours a day at least. Therefore I am used to doing some kind of sport. I decided to start calisthenics because it is much more satisfying. My motivation is on one hand the result. But I got plenty more: good weather for example is one for me personally. It just gives me some kind of inner strength. Another thing that pushes me is my best friend, with whom I share my aims. One of the pros is definitely that you have no excuses to quit. There are many exercises in pairs which motivate me even more and of course it's much more fun!

But the most important motivation comes from the mind. You should never only focus on one goal, like the weight on that scale. Aim for a healthy lifestyle! It'll help you keep going. Never do exercises you hate. You will quit on them. Instead concentrate on doing the ones you like correctly and consequently.


4. How is a typical day in your life and how do you manage to practice your sport?

My typical day starts with a bottle of water, followed by my morning routine: a 10 min workout on the mat. Preferably on the balcony in the summer. It is compromised of some crunches, squats and planks. Afterwards I reward myself with a bowlfull of cereal and yogurt. Then I get myself ready for university and take the train there (usually I need to run to catch the metro, which kind of serves as a second workout). Since my university normally ends around 5 or 6 o'clock there is not that much time for sports. So I don't waste it on the gym. I just do it at home on my mat. All I need on top of that are some resistance bands and something heavy like a chair to lift while squatting, for example, can replace weights. On weekends I either go to the gym for some heavier weight training, join a course there or, when the weather is good, I pick a friend to go for a run or to the fitness park close to the Isar river.


5. How do you feel at the end of your training?


First of all I am proud. I feel an overall positivity. Specially in times of Instagram and all kind of social media soaking up your confidence with photoshopped pictures, this is a great way to regain faith in yourself.


6. How does sport change your everyday life?

Sport gives me so much more energy, which makes me happier and makes it easier to complete tasks and concentrate.


7. Which kind of problems did/do sports help you with and does that make you feel stronger?

I said it before and say it again. It boosts your confidence. That leads to a positive mindset which kind of makes problems disappear. In case of serious problems it also helps to calm you down and clear your mind.


8. How do you feel about your body?

In general I am quite happy with my body. But like everyone else I also have these tiny problematic zones. But that should never bring you down. Even the people with your own body goals find faults on themselves.


9. In which way does sport help shape the way you perceive your body?

First of all body ideals are quite subjective. In my eyes being fit is beautiful. That is why I prefer some kind of slim fit, but not too skinny body type. Sport helps me set my own goals and doesn't let me slip into that size zero diet that social media leads you into.


10. What positive message would you send people that want to start practicing sports?

Believe in yourself. If you do not, who else will? So keep your motivation high and excuses low. Choose the sport or the exercises that make you happy and it will transform into a fit lifestyle. And always remember, muscles are also built in the kitchen. So eat clean and train dirty! You can do it!


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