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Women on two wheels

Times have changed and men's taste should too. 

Gone are the days when only women were attracted to men on bikes. Men are increasingly more interested in women who own a two-wheeler. Conformity and obedience are out, strength and independence are in. That is what modern men want and that is exactly what a motorcycle transpires. Not to mention that it is stylish as fuck and sexy as all hell!

But bikes are a men's thing right? Wrong! Dead wrong. Bikes have become increasingly popular amongst women. OK, in the interest of full disclosure, women still own less bikes than men, 14% to 86% respectively according to the Motorcycle Industry Council. That might not seem like much, but that's a 50% increase over the last 10 years. And when passengers are taken into account, the amount of women who swing a leg over a motorbike rises to 25%. This means that a fourth of all bike sales is influenced by women in some way, shape or form and they are responsible for around $6 billion in sales. 

The company profiting the most out of this trend is Harley-Davidson, who claims 62% of the female market. That has mostly to do with the fact that most women prefer cruisers rather than sportbikes. Female riders are on average also much younger than their male counterparts, meaning there is an enormous growth opportunity. The stigma is still there, but it is slowly being eroded by the increasing number of women who own a bike. 

But the benefits are not only economic. There is a strong correlation between motorcycle ownership and well-being. According to a study conducted by Kelton and commissioned by Harley-Davidson, in which over 2,000 women participated, nearly twice as many riders feel confident compared to non-riders, more than twice as many feel happy and nearly four times as many feel sexy. Furthermore more than half of women who ride feel their motorbike is a determining factor in their happiness and three in four believe their lives improved after buying a bike. 

Bike ownership's effects are not restricted to women though. If your relationship is going through some rough ground, maybe you should consider buying a bike to your girlfriend. Riders are significantly more satisfied with their relationship when it comes to communication and physical intimacy. Probably because riding a bike has shown to reduce stress levels.

If you're a guy and can't wrap your mind around girls riding around on bikes, well that's just too bad. Female riders are coming and we're all better for it. 

Joao Lucas Hilgert

WineStache, Munich, Germany

Lucas has always been an avid runner since childhood, Lucas has taken part in many events including the 2014 Munich Half-Marathon, the 2015 Kraichgau IronMan 5150 and the 2016 Hollywood Half-Marathon. He currently has his sights on the 2016 The Hague Peace Marathon. 

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