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5 Nutrition Tips to Burn Fat for the Summer

Dieting is not easy. I know... It is hard, very hard. This is why you should never go on a diet. You should actually rethink the way you eat. By eating healthy you will be able to lose weight without getting on some crazy diet. Here you get 5 tips to improve your eating habits and burn some fat for the summer.

1. Cut Off Refined Sugar

If you did not do it yet, here is your chance. Refined sugar is the evil of this century. Sugar is hidden everywhere, from juice boxes, to sweets, sauces and so on. It is all over the place! This causes an insulin misbalance, making you hungry, tired and wanting to eat more sugar. In the end, you have consumed many and many unwanted calories. 

2. Avoid Artificial Sweeteners

They might sound great (well, ZERO CALORIES!), but don't get all excited just yet.  Artificial sweeteners cause an insulin response in the body, making you feel hungry and craving for more after consuming them. This is actually very harmful for someone trying to go on a diet... There are also a series of scientific reseraches yet to be made on artificial sweeteners and many of them may lead to very damaging side effects on your body, from destroying digestive flora to cancer.

3. Avoid Carbs (But Fruits Are Your Friends)

The best way to successfully burn fat is to cut off carbs. People that go on a high protein-high fat-low carb diet, have higher chances of succeeding at losing weight. This happens, because by cutting off carbs, you cut off not only the source of those hidden calories you don't even know are there, but fat and protein also regulate your insulin levels, making them more stable. This results on less hunger attacks and on a more stable energy level (which is great for training).

But what about the fruits? Fruits do have sugar in them, but this is completely compensated by the amount of vitamins and minerals that they have, which can bring to amazing health benefits. So, unless you decide to eat 10 bananas a day, you  can keep on snacking fruits.

4. Eat Protein and Good Fats For Breakfast

This is an amazing tip I learned from Strength Sensei and Wolfgang Unsöld. By having your first meal of the day rich in protein and good fats you help your body to start with the right foot. Those macronutrients will provide enough energy for your start of the day and wont cause you to have an insulin spike. This will result, as said before, on better energy levels throughout the day and less hunger attacks.

5. Eat 250-500 Kcal Less 


There is only one way to lose that extra fat in the end, and this is by makinf your body consume that fat, of course. This can be best achieved by having a calorie deficit. But how much? I would recommend to start with 250kcal less than what you eat normally. If you do not notice much changes or want something a bit faster, 500kcal less is for you. Anything higher then this I would try to avoid, as such big deficits implicate also on a higher consumption of amino acids by the body. What this means? This means that you would be also losing muscles and in the end, your calories necessity would go down, implicating on the need of always eating less, less and less. Try to maintain calories on a amount that muscle mass can be kept at same level or increased, but not lost in big amount.


Hope you guys succeed on your fat burning journey!

No Legend is Made Alone!

Photo Credit: Larissa Mahl

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Danilo has always been interested on keeping a healthy life, improving his fitness performance and nutrition. He works as a Fitness and Nutrition Coach, is a licensed Sport Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, Medical Trainer and studies Fitness and Health Management. Find him on Instagram as @danmunfit.

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