YKINGS, Interview With Felix Städele

Felix Städele

Felix Städele

A while back we wrote an article about the new training app Ykings. Now we've got an exclusive chance to peek behind the curtain and ask Yking's co-founder Felix Städele how everything started and this is what he told us:

“Well, my interest for sports started a couple of years ago when I thought about enrolling in a fitness studio. After analyzing different options, I found out that this could result in high costs. After realizing this, I thought about trying out some other sports. Boxing was very interesting, but similarly, a membership in a club would be too expensive for me at the time. This is the reason I started looking for an alternative that would not require a membership or some extra costs. This is how I started doing bodyweight exercises, which then evolved into parkour and later into calisthenics. During this whole process I got to meet Micha and Philipp in various calisthenics and street workout events and kept in contact with them. At some point we decided to create our own team, the “Koala Team”. With this crew we decided to start organizing our own training and workshop events and noticed that a lot of people were in a similar situation, in which a free form of training was desired, free of being in a fitness studio, a club or any similar location and free to gain a fit body and have fun. This is how the idea for an app developed throughout many talks between the three of us, until we decided to start the development of Ykings late 2015. “

How was the development, which steps did you follow for building Ykings?

“After identifying this need, Micha, Phil and I sat together many afternoons to develop the concept of what would then later become Ykings. After defining our mission, vision and business plan, we decided to establish Ykings as a company in November 2015. In December we had recorded our first videos for the app and throughout the next months our team grew. Professionals joined us and we found great partners for the app and content development. After 6 months of hard work we had our MVP (Minimum Viable Product), which we tested with our existing community for further improvements.”

What does Ykings stands for?

“Y, resembles a person who is hanging on a bar. If you picture this in your mind, the hanging body and arms take this form. Kings, stands for the feeling of being able to master a new skill, the sensation of finally performing a handstand or a human flag after so much effort is awesomely royal. I really enjoy telling this story because the name mirrors the foundations of YKings.”

But what does progressive body weight training stands for?

“In addition to conventional training concepts offered in other apps and our own, in Ykings we developed a specific skill training concept, called the progressive bodyweight training, an integral training that includes an evaluation, tracking and adaptive system that best suits your body: We worked together with health and fitness professionals on its development and included mobility/stretching exercises and a step by step guide for mastering any skill. Our app will evaluate and track the user’s activity in the app and will design an individualized training plan based on the user’s goals and capabilities. This training will not, in any case, endanger the user’s health since it will continue tracking the user’s activities even when he or she stops training for a couple of weeks or when he or she never performed a handstand before.  In these cases for example, Ykings will assist the user with a step by step training plan which will help the user build up the necessary musculature and develop the required mobility for performing any skill. This is why we designated it the progressive bodyweight training.”

What does the app offer to the users, could you tells us more about the features?

“In the skills section the user can choose specific skills like muscle ups, the front lever, the human flag and more to learn step by step how to perform them and improve one’s performance. (…) In the feed section the user can join the Ykings-community to interact with friends and learn about their activities in real time through the Ykings news. (…) In the training section, the user will be able to choose a couple exercises from a series of workouts to practice. The trainings consist of different exercises organized in a circuit mode. These trainings come in three different modalities which consider three major goals for sport enthusiasts: The lean modality assists the user to attain a lean body through the employment of HIIT exercises and run/sprinting sessions, the strong modality provides the user with bodyweight and calisthenics exercises which enhance muscle growth and the athletic modality is for those who want to maintain a fit body, employing both, HIIT and strength exercises. (…) In the Coach section, our app will build an individual and specific training that learns from your activities in the app and adapts to your development. (…) Through our community, the users can organize a group training by sharing their training location and time. This way people can work out together towards their goals. The app has a points system which enables the user to win points every time he or she performs a progression or an end-skill. Mastering all skills will take the user to the hall of fame, which will allow him or her to create their own training routines within the app, allowing our users to grow together.”

Ykings is an ambitious project with numerous benefits, the app was released recently and is available on the App Store and Google Play Store. Learn more about what Ykings has to offer and stay tuned to keep up on their progress through their social media profiles and website.  


Danilo has always been interested on keeping a healthy life, improving his fitness performance and nutrition. He works as a Fitness and Nutrition Coach, is a licensed Sport Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, Medical Trainer and studies Fitness and Health Management. Find him on Instagram as @danmunfit.

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