Johannes and Michael

Johannes and Michael

Johannes and Michael, both from Munich, Germany, started studying industrial engineering some years ago, where they met as university colleagues. They had the idea during their studies and are recently done with them.

This is what Johannes and Michael told us about the Pull Up and Dip during our interview:

How did you guys come up with the idea for the Pull Up and Dip?

We used to train together at the Theresienwiese in Munich, where we would use the soccer goals to perform pull-ups; during the Oktoberfest, the square is closed and we had to find a different solution for our training, which we didn’t have. This is when we decided to develop the Pull Up and Dip.

When did this happen?

We started with the development in July last year, where the initial idea was only developing a portable pull up bar destined for use only outdoors, but then we developed it further and found out that we could include dips too and also adapted it for indoors. Then we started to see more possibilities for further exercises like leg raises and other pull up and dip variations. 

How did you decide on the name? 

We decided to use a German name at the beginning, "Mobile Klimmzugstange" (Mobile Pull up bar in German) but then we noticed that the product also has an international interest and we went for an English name to also reach people internationally. Then we started considering "Athlon" as a name, which means fighter. But we didn't like it too much because people would not really know what the product is about. On the other hand, Pull up and Dips is easy to remember and you cannot get the message wrong.

How was the development of the product? How did it start? Which steps did you have to go through? How long did it take?

We started designing the outdoor pull-up bar all by ourselves. But then we invited a colleague from Michael to work with us, who is a mechanical designer. He supported us with the construction of the first prototypes. The first version was a mountable pull-up bar, but it was made out of pure steel and ended up being very heavy.

The next step was reducing its weight, and this is why we changed to stainless steel as a construction material, which is lighter and rust free. Then we developed the adaptive and incline features which allow you to perform dips and change the position without having to dismount the bar.

How long did it take for you to develop the actual concept? How long did the development take?

The whole concept took a bit more than one year as well as the development, where we got to design more than 6 prototypes.

The process started with the development of the first prototype, which took two months. Consequently, we did some testing for a month, then we decided to start with the development of the next prototype, which took another month. We had the opportunity to test this version for about three months. To end up developing the next version, and the next. With the development, production and testing process taking a month respectively we designed our actual product in an iterative process that took something more than one year.

Who is in the team?

We are the only two founders, but we are also working with a mechanical designer, a graphic designer, a tax consultant, and a video and photo technician.

Who do you want to reach with your product?

For everyone who likes to do outdoor workouts; those who practice calisthenics, bar workouts. Those who want to do pull-ups and dips.

How exactly is the Pull Up and Dip better than other products in the market?

The adaptive design allows you to use the Pull up and dip in- and outdoors, both in one product. The feature allowing you to use it for dips is not spread in the market. Moreover, it is transportable, which allows you to take it wherever you want and install it on a tree, a pole, or a pillar.

Why did you decide to fund the company with Kickstarter?

Well, it gives you a great opportunity to test your idea. It allows you to bring your product to the market without having to produce 500 units to then find out that no one would buy it. First, you present your idea, then you post photos or videos. Based on the feedback you get, you can create a campaign next. This campaign allows you to gather a crowd that is supporting your idea. These people do not have a great investment and are supporting it with what they have. Moreover, most of them are potential customers  and this allows us to construct the prototype versions and then send them to test it. With Kickstarter we don´t have to go to a bank or ask our families for financial support.

Are you happy with the results of the Kickstarter campaign? When you launched your idea it took two days for you to get the support of enough people to fund your project.  You still have a month to go and you have already doubled your first goal.

Well, it was a great surprise. We started on a Thursday afternoon about 4:00 pm. After only 25 hours we had already reached our funding goal. Now we have reached 35,000 Euros which is more than double our initial funding goal and we want to go further.

Would you like to communicate something to all the people who are funding you through Kickstarter?

Of course!

Thank you all for all your support and belief in our idea and team, thank you for your feedback and we are looking forward to create a great product for you.

What are the next steps?

We will start a serial production soon, build an online shop and we will need to develop the packaging, user menu and so on.  We will still do more improvements in our current product and then we will be able to send it to our customers.

How long will it take?

At the end of September, we will be able to send out the first batch of Pull Up and Dips, though they won't yet be ready for the Oktoberfest this year.

A great idea, determination and a big support made this possible. A good inspiration for us all.

Know more about the Pull Up & Dips and their development at the crew´s Facebook and Instagram account.


Felipe was a former competitive swimmer and participant of short and long distance competitions in Mexico and Germany.  He is a licensed Fitness Trainer.

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