5 Training Tips to Burn Fat for the Summer

If you are not sure on how to burn that extra winter fat and look great this summer, here are five training tips to help you get back in shape.

1. Train Big Muscles

If your main goal is to lose fat, you need to increase the amount of calories burned. There is no away around. So what will burn more calories: your biceps or your back? Yes, you got it right, your back. Biceps, triceps and calfs are very small muscles, therefore, don't waist your time making isolated training for them. Go for exercises for the chest, back, quadriceps and hamstrings instead.

2. Do Compound Exercises

You know you should train your big muscle groups, but now you got to choose. Should I use the chest machine or the bench press? Should I go in the leg curl machine or make squats? Don't even think twice, make the compounds free exercises with dumbbells, barbells or kettlebells. Here is a list of exercises to chose. Make them for a while and then chose some variations:

  • Bench Press for Chest;
  • Rows for Back;
  • Full Squats for Quadriceps;
  • Deadlifts for Hamstrings;
  • Hip Thrust for Gluteus.

3. Make Fast Or No Pauses

The idea here is to keep your heart beating high and maximize the fat burning effect of your training. So try to keep pauses lower than 30 seconds. Too long for your? Good! Make only 10 seconds pause. Still too much? Great! Try not pausing between exercises.

4. Make Super sets


In order to increase time under tension and to minimise pauses, make super sets. The idea is to chose two exercises, even better if they are agonist and antagonist exercises, and do one after the other. No pauses between them. Not that hard for you? Get all your exercises on your training and make a circuit. Perform every exercise, one after the other, no pauses, and only after the last one wait 90 seconds - 120 seconds and start again.

5. Finish With Some HIIT Cardio


I know, I know, cardio is the best way to burn fat. But, should you be killing yourself for 1 hour in the treadmill or elliptical? No! Long cardio exercises may cause the skinny fat effect. This results from you burning not only fat but also a lot of muscle glycogen and muscle amino acids. So cut your cardio training for 15-30min and perform HIIT forms of it. Make splits of slow walk for 30 seconds - 60 seconds with fast sprints or walks (depending on your fitness level) for 30 seconds - 60 seconds.


no legend is made alone!

Photo Credit: Klearchos Kois


Danilo has always been interested on keeping a healthy life, improving his fitness performance and nutrition. He works as a Fitness and Nutrition Coach, is a licensed Sport Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, Medical Trainer and studies Fitness and Health Management. Find him on Instagram as @danmunfit.

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