AO Fit Life Magazine is an exclusive and independent Fitness Lifestyle Magazine

published by Panthenon Olympus UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

The magazine features exclusive content written by passionate athletes, experts and enthusiasts about Fitness, Sport, Nutrition, Health, Life, Work, Style, Travel and Unique and Independent photography work in those areas.

  • What is AO?

AO stands for Aesthetic Olympian. Aesthetic derives from the ancient Greek -αἰσθητικός-(aisthetikos) concerned with the appreciation and perception of beauty, with its origins in the word -αἰσθάνομαι- (aisthanomai) : “I perceive, feel, sense”. Olympians are the inhabitants of the house of the Gods: Mount Olympus. AO represents the celebration of beauty and power of aesthetic women.

  • Why Fit Life?

We want to enable people to live a fit life. We want you to perform better, to look better, to feel better. But what is a fit life? Is it only about fitness and nutrition? NO. Of course not. Having a fit life is more than just that. It goes beyond following plans, it is sports, health, entertainment, work, style and traveling. To live such a life, we have to be able to put all the parts of the puzzle together. 

  • History

AO Magazine started in August 2015, as Panthenon Olympus, when three friends (a personal trainer, a triathlete and a swimmer) living in Munich, Germany, wanted to bring people useful and constructive information about fitness and sports. They wanted to create a completely exclusive and active fitness and sport community, where people could get the best information in order to improve their performance and at the same time achieve the aesthetic body they wanted so much.

With time, more athletes and experts decided to join the team, writing articles on their specific areas.

Understanding that in order to improve in your sport you also need to change your lifestyle, they decided to expand the scope of the articles to more areas, helping the community achieve the best life possible.

  • Foundation

Seeing the success of such effort, Panthenon Olympus UG (haftungsbäschrankt) was founded. Completely Independent and 100% self funded.

  • The Magazine

Soon after the company's foundation the idea that later became AO Fit Life Magazine came up. It was idealised not only as an online platform, but also as a magazine, that readers could purchase online and read offline, providing a more comfortable reading experience.

  • Training Plans

Training plans were made available to better direct, help our community's members and for them to achieve their goals.

If you have any futher questions, please, email us at We would LOVE to hear your feedback and ideas. If you want to join the team, write articles or issue photos, submit it to us. A community is never made by only one person, but is constituted by all the members which are part of it.


No Legend is Made Alone!


Founder, Editor in Chief, Photographer, Personal Trainer


Co-founder, Content Quality, Triathlete

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